Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Joba Impersonator Faces Charges, Ledger Live Investigates as Rollie Fingers

From our good friend Brian Donohue at's Ledger Live.

On Today's Ledger Live: Ryan Ward, a 29-year-old Asbury Park man who spent last summer impersonating New York Yankees relief pitcher Joba Chamberlain in the bars and bagel shops of Belmar, goes on trial today for charges related to his hardball shenanigans. What Ward did was no doubt funny, but perhaps he took it a bit too far. Whether it's grounds for him to go to jail is a matter of debate, and really, a matter best left for the judge to decide. But the larger question raised by this story - why everyday people become so star struck at the mere possibility of rubbing elbows with a major league ballplayer - is a question that Ledger Live can tackle head on. To do it, we follow in Ward's footsteps, adopting the countenance of the most recognizable relief pitcher in modern day baseball history, and the guy with the greatest mustache on the mound: Rollie Fingers.
Ledger Live: Joba Chamberlain impersonator bums for bagels

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