Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Straight Out of Starsky and Hutch

Word on the street is...if you want to score some illegal narcotics from a shady Dominican, the best place to look is a Florida pool hall.

It's also the place Joe Girardi felt the need to let his troops blow off some steam, even if they are an admitted user and someone who was popped with a DUI.

What Andrew Brackman doesn't realize is that if you stand to close when a Chinaman's trying to shoot, someone gonna cut your ass.

More photos available at NJ.com's Star Ledger gallery. No sign of Cousin Yuri.

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John said...

Brakman's never gonna get to the majors behaving like that, Hugsy.

J said...

In all fairness, Wang is a Tawain-man, not a Chinaman.

DCScrap said...

Starsky & Hutch? Old much?