Saturday, March 14, 2009

CR Dunbar: Kentucky Derby Crockpot Talking Points

In my job that actually pays, I need to conduct research at a microwave oven pace to be effective. One of the few times I get to slow roast something in the crockpot is preparing for the Kentucky Derby.

In case you want to drop some knowledge on some fools at work or pick up a honey at the local watering hole, I have prepared you with some talking points for this weekend about the upcoming Kentucky Derby from my crockpot:
  • Old Fashioned has looked legit, I usually don't like to go with the favorites this early, but he looks like Ivan Drago against pre-Russia Rocky.
  • Big preps for the Derby this weekend. I'm interested in seeing who comes out of the bayou (Louisiana).
  • Doesn't look like there will be any fillies this year at the Derby, the ghost of Eight Belles haunts Churchill.
  • Larry Jones is a hot trainer right now. I can't believe that ox rides his horses. I know I wouldn't want him on my back.

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