Tuesday, March 3, 2009

HHR Hugs it Out [3.3.09]

Jusy Manny being douchy (Rumors and Rants)

$17M? Not bad for #235 overall (Legend of Cecilio Guante)

Top 10 Competitions You'd Have to be Crazy to Compete In (Real Clear Sports)

Jeff Reed Will Destroy Every Towel Dispenser He Sees (PSAMP)

This Calls For a Fake Press Conference (Zoner Sports)

World Baseball Classic Drinking Guide (Bugs and Cranks)

Five Random Guys to Root for in the World Baseball Classic (Jorge says no)

Back in the Saddle (More Hard Ball)

Major Hottie : Jennifer Stano (Gunaxin)

New York governor changes dress code to include Lt. Dangle’s shorts (Brahsome)

Lingerie Football League’s Chicago Bliss 2009 Season HD Teaser video (Observation Bubble)

Black Angelica Is My New Best Friend (The Beer Goggler)

Cheerleader Caption Contest (The World of Isaac)

Read This Book, Save Your Life (The Bachelor Guy)

Danielle Lloyd has red carpet worthy boobs (Celebridiot)

A recipe for disaster (the Jebbica)

Women, don’t hide weed in your anus (Blog of Hilarity)

Top 10: Suspicious Remarks Women Make (Ask Men)

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