Friday, April 24, 2009

HHR & Yardbarker at NFL Draft Classic

Behold the glory of the Yardbarker microphone. This simple, small, wireless mic is capable of magical powers, enabling he (or she) who holds it to be pursued by athletes, celebrities, and every curious gold-digger within a 15 foot radius. On assignment for Yardbarker, I attended the NFL Draft Classic hosted by Vernon Davis, and as the pictures (and forthcoming video) will show, Vernon was looking to talk to me. Clearly word got to him that I put him on my fantasy team early in his career. I assumed he intended to apologize.

Ha. Kidding.
Sort of. Not really.

Instead, he and his younger brother Vontae, who is a draft pick today but by Sunday night will be an NFL rookie, took time to hang out and talk shop with a scrawny bobbleheaded guy who is pasty white in a way only New England can produce. The fuzzy blackberry pics tell the story for now.

As you can see, Vernon Davis plays cool and acts unaffected by my celebrity status...

Vontae, however - his enthusiasm knows no bounds.

We have lots of video to come - as we were one of only 4 outlets allowed to shoot the inside of the party, so after an early trip out of NYC this morning, we're getting down to editing out all the crap where I keep asking why 3 drinks costs $55 and they only take cash.

But elsewhere in there we talked with players (and a Yardbarker blogger or two) from the Jets (Calvin Pace) the Giants (Brandon Jacobs and Terrence Pennington), the Jaguars, the Ravens, R&B singer Monica, Melyssa Ford, and D Woods from Making the Band (who gets a mention because she's from Springfield, MA and loves the Pats. Melyssa Ford gets a nod because she spent 30 seconds ripping into Patriots and then after realizing I was from Boston, cackled in my face and half-apologized. In that order.).

Aside from the part where she reveled in the Pats Superbowl loss
to the Giants with a mix of glee and sadism, Melyssa Ford was quite lovely.

Stay tuned -we have lots of video to come. Enjoy the draft!

ALSO: A very special thanks (and happy birthday) to Ben at Beryllium Pictures for making the trek and shooting on the last full night of his 20's. I did manage to get a drunk girl to sing happy birthday to him while he filmed, so in a way, it's kind of like he owes me now.

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The Sports Hernia said...

I'm lost, is it HHR's Don in these stills?

Hugging Harold Reynolds said...

No. That's the chief. Don took the crappy picturea.