Friday, May 15, 2009

CR Dunbar: Flavor of Preakness

The Preakness is beginning to resemble VH1's Daisy of Love. You have an over-testosteroned field of potential victors that can be sifted between quality steeds and those there for the attention. All the while, they will all be chasing the girl.

Unfortunately, many have a chance, but the filly will likely be the winner. (Minus the STD)

Here's how I see it.

Those with a shot at love

Rachel Alexander aka Daisy: the one they will all be chasing after. Probably get impregnated by one of the contenders eventually.

Fresian Fire aka Fox: this master of the playing field knows he has the goods to take it, but a poor run last time out leaves doubts.

Papa Clem aka Flex: has faced tough competition and can hold his own. The filly will continue to look back to see if he is chasing.

Musket Man aka London: he has a chance, but he is dark, which leaves questions of whether he can handle the competition and have enough for the win.

Big Drama aka Chi Chi: will go all out in the beginning, but odds are he will peter out in the end.

Pioneerof the Nile aka 12 Pack: not his first rodeo. Quality ride just needs to hold back the competition.

Mine that Bird aka Sinister: had a monster of an outing last episode, but does anyone think he can pull a back to back. Could be left in VIP room.

Not my Rock of Love

Terrain aka 6 Gauge: let the others take each other out and muscle in at the end. Has a glaring hole though.

Take the Points aka Big Rig: a long shot, but could squeek out a victory with enough passion and the right circumstances.

Luv Guv aka Weasel
: just looking for a wild ride, the next score. Can we get some whiskey in this bitch?

General Quarter aka Tool Box: all over the place. Impossible to read.

Flying Private aka Cage: draws attention, but won't come close to winning.

Tone it Down aka 84, 85, 86: there for the free party and booze. Eliminated from the start.

Betting Strategy

Exactas with Rachel Alexander and any of those with a shot at love.
Across the board with those with a shot at love.
Sleeper Pick: Take the Points.

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