Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Jeff Pearlman on the Rocket’s Mike & Mike Interview

If you’re a sports fan, by now if you didn’t actually hear it, you’ve heard of Roger Clemens’ well-hyped interview with ESPN’s Mike & Mike this morning. Clemens, who claims he’s been unmuzzled by his new legal team, felt the need to address the allegations in the release of a team of New York Daily News journalists, American Icon.

Having read Jeff Pearlman’s Clemens’ biography, The Rocket That Fell to Earth, my first and second reactions were: “This guy’s so full of it,” followed by “I wonder what Pearlman thinks.”

So I decided to find out.

Read the interview here:

BwB Panelist/Clemens Biographer Jeff Pearlman on the Rocket’s Mike & Mike Interview

Thanks to Jeff for his honest and open insight. For more information on the author/columnist and his work, visit JeffPearlman.com.

He will also be one of our several great panelists at June 13th's Blogs With Balls sports blogs & new media summit in NYC.

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