Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Blogs With Balls Radio, Episode 3

This week’s Blogs With Balls Show on the JoeSportsFan Radio Network is now available.

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We proudly announce the addition of former NBA star and current ESPN basketball analyst Jalen Rose to the already stellar lineup of speakers at Blogs With Balls at Blog World Expo.

We highlight our Blog with Balls of the week, Radovich's Revenge, a blog authored by a lawyer who has the stones to break down the NFL's collective bargaining agreement in layman's terms (and with humor).

Today our guest is Mitch Germann (@MCG5), Vice President of Business Communications with Maloof Sports & Entertainment (Sacramento Kings and Monarchs), and panelist on the "Access" panel at Blogs With Balls.

With Mitch we preview some of the topics that the Access panel will address, including, among other things, dealing with players using social media as representatives of the teams/company and the receptiveness of the Kings and NBA's embrace of new media members.

The team has worked hard to engage local blogs and went so far as to invite them to preseason work outs and intend to invite them to media day and training camp with the ultimate goal of credentialing them for games.

"We have just recognized through observing this space that there’s some blogs in Sacramento that work hard and that cover the team...There’s a lot of interaction, there’s a lot of comments, a lot of fans are loyal to those sites and really as an organization our philosophy is that we want to be where our fans are We don’t expect to hold everyone hostage and make everyone come to for what they want."
Of course, no guest appearance would be complete without challenging them to a game of "Skyped Up." We see how well Mitch knows his "kings."

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