Friday, October 2, 2009

IOC Responds Negatively to Michael Jordan's Hall Of Fame Speech; Chicago Denied Olympic Bid; Rio Takes It

While many reasons have been debated as to why Chicago was the first city eliminted earlier today in the bid for the 2016 Olympics, there is one theory that is gaining steam, Michael Jordan's recent Hall of Fame speech. While some will point to perhaps a general dislike for America or the recently announced and then de-announced USA Olympic Sports Network, some feel the final straw for IOC voters was the speech from his airness given on September 11, 2009 in Springfield, Mass. Jordan worked his way through a speech where he made sure to list by name every single detractor he may or may not have had on his way to becoming the world's greatest basketball player. This led to a chorus of negative press from sports columnists who had figured Jordan would be humble and more greatful than anything else. What initially seemed to be an isolated incident for basketball was quickly linked to Chicago, home of the Bulls, and thus the Olympic bid.

Since the voting is kept top secret and is done by super secret ballot nobody will ever know who did or didn't vote for Chicago or if anyone added a little note to their vote saying it was Jordan that pushed them over the edge. With that in mind the world will never know how on earth Rio de Janeiro was selected. Behind strong logic of "we have never had an Olympics there before, so we should go there" Rio trumped three other perhaps better prepared cities in Chicago, Tokyo, and Madrid. Olympic fans can look forward to the next Winter Olympics vote to end up in Antartica, because the Olympics have never been there before either.

As for Chicago, despite the presence of Chicago legend Oprah Winfrey and President of the United States Barack Obama, it was not nearly enough to get the Windy City selected for the Olympics.

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1 comment:

Wayne said...

How ridiculous is this theory? To link Chicago's failed bid for the '016 Olympics to Michael Jordan. Stop reaching! Try the corruptness of Chicago government. That's a least a bit more believable.