Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Chest Bump Worthy? Congressman Jon Runyan is reporting that former Eagles Tackle (and currently unsigned free agent) Jon Runyan is a possible Republican candidate for South Jersey's 3rd Congressional District currently held by Freshman Democrat John Adler.

Runyan's toughest challenge - should he enter the race - would more likely come from his own party rather than the incumbent. The seat, which was held by Republican Jim Saxon since 1993 before his retirement in 2008, is widely seen as one of the national GOP's top pick-up opportunities, with Adler having benefited greatly from the immense Obama surge during the presidential year race. Since his election, the 2010 mid-term was recognized as being Adler's "real" challenge.

The district is primarily comprised of Burlington and Ocean Counties, two of the most powerful Republican organizations in the state. With Ocean County producing a 70,000 plurality for Governor-Elect Chris Christie (R) in this year's gubernatorial race, and with Burlington County having put up an unsuccessful candidate in the '08 race, a strong claim could be made for the party's nomination coming from Ocean rather than Runyan's Burlington.

UPDATE: Runyan's Official Statement Confirming Interest in Run

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