Friday, January 15, 2010

Dunbar the Dutch's Weekend NFL picks

After bruising assumptions of the NFL Defensive Player of the Year being able to slowdown a Boldin-less offense and Carson Palmer being able to throw a football, I am coming back like a spider monkey to make this weekend's picks.

Chargers over Jets - when one of the major storylines is that Sanchez is going to have friends and family at the game, it's time to go with the professional team rather than the kid trying to prove something to his dad and impress the girl with big cans.

Arizona over Saints
- Saints are going to win this game, but by 7 points? That's looser than the moral standards during the NBA All-Star weekend.

Ravens over Colts - I'm on the rusty trombone train here with the Colts. It always gobbles up one team and with a rookie head coach playing the instrument, the Ravens are going to give them more than a hand full.

Vikings over Cowboys - if Favre goes with the gameplan and hands the ball to AP, they will be fine. Otherwise, go with the over on how many interceptions will be thrown.

Another weekend of acting like a sea otter by eating and drinking off my belly.

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