Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Blogs With Balls Radio, Episode 20

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Welcome to the big 2-0.

While everyone's looking at staying ahead of the curve and taking advantage of the "next big thing" to market themselves or their products, we bring on two people who have been cashing in on the first big thing - email.

We are joined by "the third head of the Blogs With Balls three-headed monster," Kyle Bunch. Kyle aggregates his Daily Bunch right into subscribers' inboxes. We ask him the hows and the whys.

While we have him on, we thought what better time than to finally let people know the venue of BwB 3. You'll have to listen to find out.

Our guest this week is Aaron Karo. You might remember getting "Ruminations" emails at some point over the course of the last dozen or so years. Hell, you might still get them.

With the success of his electronically disseminated tales of college, Karo was able to forgo his Wall Street career in favor of one on the road (and rich in adventure) as a standup comedian, author and a business-owner whose product is himself.

Ruminations is now in book form ("...on College" and "...on Twentysomething Life"). He has another book now out "not intended for married people" - I'm Having More Fun Than You. You can also find his comedy album "Just go Talk to Her" on iTunes - recorded live in Boston on the night before Chris' single worst hangover, ever.

We talk a little about sports and a lot about his online marketing strategy and tools and multi-platform approach.

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