Friday, March 12, 2010

Blogs With Balls Radio, Episode 24

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We are joined this week by the "World's Greatest Chinese Jew," non-Eskimo Ben Koo.

A blogger and the former Business Development Manager at Yardbarker, Ben is now the CEO of, a blog network founded in 2009 that now boasts over 130 sites and 800k+ views/day.

With his background as a blogger, advertising point man and now network exec, Ben is able to provide a wide perspective on many areas of the industry.

A quote that I think is worth repeating is one that we haven't heard in such a frank and concise manner:
"There's this misconception with sports blogs that there are media buyers or people looking to purchase advertising...going across the web and reading articles looking for the best writer to sponsor...but the reality is that there needs to be a certain reach that gets them excited that meets their needs and it could be in the millions or hundreds of thousands..."
Ben talks about Bloguin and what sets it apart from networks like FanSided and SB Nation, but notes how the real competition isn’t the other online networks like these, but rather the traditional media outlets.

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