Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Assassin Ave: To Lose with Pride or Win with Ben?

Long-time Pittsburgh Sports Writer Bob Smizik, now semi-retired and blogging for the hometown paper, has had a large following in the Steel City for decades. In a remarkable post today, he weights the pros and cons of trading Ben Roethlisberger. During his piece, Smizik makes a fairly strong case for ditching the disgraced quarterback. Smizik pulls no punches in the piece and is upfront it would be a bad move from a pure football viewpoint. However, Smizik notes the move could allow the Steelers to the team to regain ground as the "the moral flagship of the NFL that it once was."

Pluses of the move, in Smizik's eye, include high draft picks (but Ben isn't a Super Bowl MVP, so maybe only a 6th rounder?...) and becoming a running team once again. Negatives include likely becoming a worse football team, and losing the quarterback you waited twenty years for (remember Bubby Brister, Steeler Nation?).

The piece is well done and will certainly make you consider both sides of this argument. As a Steeler fan who looked his Terrible Towel in shame this morning, I can help but think I'd rather lose with pride than win with this guy.

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