Monday, May 17, 2010

Thurman Thomas Dares Me, Blocks Me, Moves Me into Top 5 Stupid Group

In the wake of Brian Cushing testing positive to performance enhancers and tainting his NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year honor, the NFL Players Association (as Florio at PFT put it) issued a "subtle but strong statement" on the Texan's suspension

NFLPA Executive Director De Smith said, "Sport is at its best when fans can witness great achievements under the rules of fair play. Players who break those rules cheat the game, cheat the fans and cheat themselves. The Players want a clean game as well as a clean process for enforcing those rules. We intend to address both in the collective bargaining process to make the system better."

One former player who seemingly doesn't mind a superstar taking shortcuts is Hall of Fame Bills' RB Thurman Thomas. The day after De Smith's statement on Cushing, the pillar of the non-Super Bowl winning Buffalo teams of the 90's and I had the following exchange regarding another busted cheater.

Admittedly, I was goading him a bit, but his initial "say that to his face" comment made me think "Why? Is he going to roid rage on me?"

But really, I think it says something about the blind eye we turn with football players compared to PEDs users in other sports. I was also surprised by the fact that a distinguished league alum wouldn't feel more disdain (at least publicly) for a guy who, as the NFLPA puts it, broke the rules, cheated the game, cheated the fans and cheated himself.

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John said...

You left out the part about the lights out dance.