Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Rumor Mongering: JoePa at Death's Door?

Verbatim email we received from a PSU junky.

Take it for what it is.

Is it news that an 84 year old may die soon and has had "3 mini strokes in the past no longer allowed to drive, and his short term memory is completely shot?"

Not really. But for PSU loyalists, it might come off as sacrilege.


  1. Joe is apparently sick. The rumors vary as to what he actually has or has undergone over the last 9 months, but none of it is good. Anyone that has any sort of day-to-day contact with him has been saying this. Instead of looking bad once every 10 public appearances, hes bad every other appearancewe see it in the p.c.s, but other people say its more evident when you see him in person. Some people literally thought he was at deaths door during the season. Its been that bad at times. One rumor is that he has had 3 mini strokes in the past month. He is apparently no longer allowed to drive, and his short term memory is completely shot.
  2. Apparently this all came to a head at the senior banquet. Tons of players tweeted crap about how out of it he was..said it was going to be great to play in a Thanksgiving Day Bowl.someone in admin. Reached out to every living captain that played for him and asked them to write a letter to Joe, which was presented to him in a book. It was weird, because no one knew or thought anything was officially decided, but it was clear it was kind of like a send off. Anyway, he gets the book and is fine speaking for a couple of minutes, then tails off into nonsense and nobody can figure out what hes talking about.he finished up by saying I gotta go beat my old friend Spurrier in the bowl game.walks off the stage, and walks out of the room.
Within the last week, the family (Sue, Jay and whichever daughter is the power playerI forget whos who) apparently stepped up and said this is it. There are extra planes so that the entire family can make the trip.

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