Friday, November 30, 2007

Diary of an Ex-HS Softball Player: Entry 10

Entry 10: The Joy of Cooking

I almost forgot about this story. Before the holidays our building had a little reception for us in the atrium. Cakes, coffee, etc.

Some company was there selling various books marked down half price. Guess what book D.M. loosened up the purse strings for? Yep, a cookbook.

I had to interrogate. "Learning to cook I see."

Response: "Hell yeah, this ordering out twice a day gets expensive."

Twice?? I thought to myself.

After the shock disappeared I tried to break it down. You can't really order breakfast if you work full time and have to leave for work at 7, so that can't be it.

We all know by now her love for the dining facilities at work. So that leaves dinner. Understandable.

But twice? How in the world is that possible? Perhaps she confused the childhood game 4 Squares with her dietary habits.

How do you sneak in another order after dinner? And why am I still shocked by these discoveries?

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