Thursday, December 6, 2007

Detroit Tigers Superpowers

My hand tremors have finally stopped from the excitement of the blockbuster trade between the Tigers and Marlins. Granted, it was aided by a sharp stink-eye glance from Lady Dunbar while I was checking Blackberry and text messages during parenting class. Nonetheless, now that the trade is official, the term that is being thrown out describing the Tigers is "superpower" as seen here.

I have no qualms with the moniker. I find it fitting considering they are battling the commi-Red Sox and Uncle Sam Yankmees. But the question is what superpowers do the Tigers possess? As a fan of both the Tigers (through thick and thin) and superheros, allow me to make a few comparisons.

There is no question that the Tigers will feature a lineup that is stacked with power. A natural fit to represent the team would be Rogue from X-Men who is both stacked and powerful.
The Tigs have also been plucked from previous Marlins' teams, which gives you the sense that Dombrowski has worked with Hiro Kasamoto of Heroes to time travel and teleport.

The Tigers also can kill you with good old pitching with Bondo, Verlander and Willis and their devilish bats. This double threat is reminiscent of Two-Face's double personality.

As fans, we also need to give props to Mr. Ilitch who pulled a Nightcrawler by popping out of the shadows and saying he is going to spend some Bruce Wayne cash on Cabrera and Willis.

Jim Leyland with his charred vocal cords and old style wisdom might as well dress up as Splinter from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles next Halloween.
Hopefully, the Human Torch Zumaya will pitch again, but I wouldn't hold your breath Aquaman.

Finally, as a whole, I think the Tigers with their power, agility, age and wisdom incorporate all the attributes of the properly named Beast. The Tigers will truly be a beast this year.

Beware of Beast baseball fans.

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