Sunday, December 2, 2007

Eagles/Seahawks: First Quarter Thoughts

Before I get to actual game thoughts. I was asked two week ago if Kenny Albert has a touch of Downs. Anyone know? Just asking.

Moose has always been, by far, my least favorite announcer. I know. He blocked for Emmit Smith. Congrats.

First pass of the game by Touchy Feeley is picked off. Terrible, terrible throw. 2nd pass of the game is incomplete. 2 plays called and Corky and Moose are questioning play calling. Eagles proceed to drive down the field rather effortlessly and score, with the crew questioning play calling the entire time. Including on a first down reception. They later go on to note that both coaches script their calls, and need to be more flexible. Look, far be it for me to defend Andy Reid, but I think it is fair to say that both he and Mike Holmgren are two of the relatively more successful coaches in the leageue over the course of the last decade. I think I'd defer to their judgment ahead of a guy who learned his craft from a cross-dressing father and a guy who made his living running headfirst into defenders. Call me crazy.

The crew comments on the crowd "sarcastically" cheering on Feeley. Touchy goes on to throw another pick as he is greeted by a chorus of boos. You know what you will never hear compared? The booing of AJ to the booing of McNabb. Know why? If you point out how the fans boo McNabb you can peg them as heartless and maybe even racist. If you simply comment on them booing AJ, you can't point and say "see, same old heathen Eagles fans. They hate everything." But with all the hub-bub that was given leading up to the game on the "controversy," the media needs you to believe that Eagles fans simply hate McNabb. Just listen. See if they ever mention and/or compare the booing of the two quarterbacks in the same though process. My money says they won't.

What they won't admit - if they even care to realize - is that the booing is not against McNabb. It is not personal. If McNabb threw two picks in the first quarter as AJ just did, he would be booed - as AJ was. But the announcers would be all over it. Fueling the "fans hate McNabb" stories. It isn't the case. Fans hate bad passes and losing football games. There's the story right there. AJ plays good, he is cheered. He plays poorly, he is booed. Same for Donovan.

Oh back to the game. Eagles giving Seahawks field position, Hawks taking advantage and scoring on it. Neither team looks overly sharp, but the field and weather conditions, as well as the turnovers have made it difficult to judge at the onset.

Seahawks are feeding Alexander. With Hasselback picking up some slack when need be, and moving the chains. Oh wow, hey how about that, Moose, maybe they heard your broadcast and adjusted their play call based on your suggestion. Fatty Holmgren isn't smart enough to make decision on his own. Is he?

Quarter Over. 14-10 Seattle.

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