Sunday, December 2, 2007

Eagles/Seahawks: Second Quarter Thoughts Ramblings

Just as I mentioned they were feeding Alexander, Eagles D looks strong in shutting him down at the onset of the 2nd, and forced a missed field goal.

When did JR Reed learn how to lay wood?

Sav Rocca, he of Aussie rules football fame, had a chance to light up Burlson. Poor effort. Gave him the old forearm shiv out of bounds. I expected more. Than again, he's the only rookie who is a card carrying AARP member.

In honor of our announcers...a nice Moose knuckle. That one's for you Daryl.

Speaking of Nate, how is he so wide open on his TD reception? You can shut down Moss, but not Nate Burlson? Oh that's right, Moss was doggin' it.

Eagles respond. Feeley shows a little Donny Mac with a shake and bake, shuffle pass to BWest, a few plays later throws a duck that happens to land right in Kevin Curtis' belly.


Daddy should tell that little googly-eyed girl in the Ford Escape Hybrid commercial that those judgmental "people in that part of town" who don't appreciate you driving a big SUV, can kiss your ass. Then make your little girl walk her sassy self over there. It's better for the environment.


A couple of sacks (not the sacs in the booth) by the Eagles D and here comes the Seahawks punter. Bounces out of bounds. They don't want to kick it to Mahe! You game plan around him. He's so explosive. The Stormin' Mormon.

Know who Reno looks like? Little Charlie, former Eagles assistant coach.


Birds drive down the field, get to the goal-line only to be stopped on 4-downs after being 1st and goal from the one. A high school coach of mine had a term for effort like this. "Sad dick." That about sums up the half. Sad. Dick.

Halftime: 21-17 Seahawks.

The Blonde Bomber just called Buckhalter, "Burkhalter." Not quite as good as Kato's mother calling him "Carl Cornbucker," but I liked the effort.

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