Sunday, December 2, 2007

Eagles/Seahawks: Third Quarter Ramblings

And we start the quarter with Moose Tits questioning the play call of the Eagles final play down on the goal line.


Very reminiscent of his hit on Reggie Bush in the playoffs last season.

Brown's Hit On Reggie Bush (07 Playoffs) - For more funny videos, click here

TD BWest. If he's not the most complete back in the sport, I don't know who is. Moose and i might actually have that in common.

JMU Duke Akeem Jordan just brought the house on the ensuing kickoff. Where's Mike Irvin to scream JACKED UP! for me? Oh, that's right, off-the-air where he belongs.


Punt goes out of bounds.

And the Eagles proceed to punt and give the Hawks great field position. And speaking of Sheldon Brown, he put his head down, and threw Mo Morris an "Ole'" tackle. TD Seattle.

AJ living on the edge, looking for a couple of deep balls to the likes of G Lewis and Reggie Brown in double coverage.

Akers shanks a field goal attempt. If anyone ever questioned Neck Beard's importance to this team, shut your pie hole. Sav Rocca, I knew Koy Detmer. Koy Detmer was a friend of mine. Punter, you're no Koy Detmer.

(Photo: SI/CNN)

They kicked it to Reno! Five guys swarmed to him unmolested, and wisely he called a fair catch. Brains and brawn. Fear him.

3rd and 7, AJ pulls his best McNabb and fires a pass to no one.

Corky gives us a run down of McNabb's injury history. And Sheldon, he who leveled Nate Burlson and did a great turnstile impression with Mo Morris, goes up and picks on off.

"I know they had Terrell Owens with them for a while." -Moose

A while? Hmm. What color is the sky in your world?

Feeley slides awkwardly and gets booed. And proceeds to float the ball directly at Julian Peterson. (he's on the other team). BOOOOOOOO! BOOOOOOOO!

Moose tells us how to call plays.

There it is. "When I was in Dallas..." Did he go to the Chris Collinsworth School of Broadcasting?

And that's the end of the 3rd.

28-24 Seahawks.

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This is the most biased game blog I have ever seen....