Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Joey Harrington Does What He Does Best

Harrington does it again!

No, not win on the football field. Ruining a coach.

Harrington has run out Morningweg, Mariucci, Saban and Petrino all in six years. He is the grim reaper for coaches. Anyone he touches loses a career in the NFL.

This needs to be some kind of record. Do the guys at Stats, Inc. have a number on this?

I have always been a Joey fan and have wanted him to succeed. I thought if he was put in the right system, he could be a solid QB. Unfortunately for Joey, I think the right system is in his backyard playing with the neighbor kids.

However, I encourage Joey to keep up the good work, but don't do a reunion tour in Detroit.

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Mac G said...

I actually thought about this yesterday when he was blasting Petrino. I was too lazy to look it up. John Joseph is the coach killer and Mike Vick the dog one.