Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Little Black Dresses, Unsubstantiated Rumors and Where's Stephen A.?

After bloggers everywhere jumped on the New York Daily News gossip columnist "reporting" yesterday that Mets pitcher John Maine "...followed an attractive young woman into the ladies' bathroom" asking her if he could try on her "little black dress," the columnist offered this clarity on the story this morning (pointed out by The Big Lead):
The Mets say pitcher John Maine is the victim of an impostor who has been asking women for their outfits. Thursday, a woman named Abby Cohen called the club Touch to get "John Maine" a table at their opening night. When the man arrived, he identified himself as the Mets pitcher and asked several young ladies if he could try on their dresses (even offering a reporter $200 for hers). Despite being "recognized" as Maine by doormen and publicists for Touch, the Mets insist that he has not been in New York since October and was in Virginia on the night of incident.
Hey look. It happens. He cleared it up. Such is the danger you run into running an admitted gossip (not news) column. The ethics behind gossipers is a whole 'nother story, that we don't need to get into.

The real question though is in light of another online firestorm...

Where is Stephen A. Smith who, as pointed out by Deadspin and many others:
"And when you look at the internet business, what's dangerous about it is that people who are clearly unqualified get to disseminate their piece to the masses. I respect the journalism industry, and the fact of the matter is...someone with no training should not be allowed to have any kind of format whatsoever to disseminate to the masses to the level which they can. They are not trained. Not experts."
Keep it real, Stephen A. Speculation fuels many avenues of the "media." Let's not forget you work for the same company that has Mort saying Eli is done for year and Herbstreit reporting Les Miles is leaving LSU.

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