Wednesday, December 5, 2007

LT on WIP & EBay

Lawrence Taylor was just on the morning show with Angelo Cataldi on 610 WIP (Philadelphia) to promote the Miller Lite VIP Football Experience to benefit the V Foundation. The contest, an auction on EBay features the opportunity to bid on having former NFL stars come to your house and watch NFL rivalry games with a former star from each squad.

Taylor is teaming up with Keith Byars for the December 9 Eagles/Giants game.

According to the bid page, the high bidder (currently at $9800) win the following:

  • Lawrence Taylor and Keith Byars will show up at your home to watch the game, talk football and make your gameday better!
  • Complimentary food and beverages for you and your friends!
  • A super trip for you and a buddy to Las Vegas to attend the Miller Lite Super Party!
Click here to bid on LT & Byars.

Among the other topics discussed:

Prior to LT coming on the air, the crew was trying to find out how many times LT had sacked Ron Jaworski. Without hesitation, LT informed them that he sacked Jaws 28 times, and Randall Cunningham 27 times.

He called Philly the toughest city to play in because they 'beat up Santa.'

When asked to describe the feeling of winning the Super Bowl to Philly fans, Taylor noted that the game itself is one thing, but the real excitement is the chase to the big game, through the season and into the playoffs.

Greatest player he faced: While mentioning Wilburt Montgomery and Eric Dickerson, he singaled out Joe Montana 'due to his knowledge and how he could move the ball around field and beat the hell out of you with 5 yard passes and let the players do what they are paid for – run.'

LT is going on 10 years sober. He spent 63 days in rehab last time, and upon leaving, he changed everything - he moved from New Jersey to Florida, started doing movies, met his 2nd wife and picked up golf to quell urges and quench appetite for competition.


Jarrett Carter said...

Did no one care to mention LT's groundbreaking cameo in John Singleston's "Shaft?" said...

That's weird -- I had a horrible golf addiction so I developed a nasty coke habit to keep my mind off the links.

Bad news: I lost my wife, job, I'm broke and moved on to heroin.

Good news: I haven't relapsed into golf for 4 and a half years!

Ren McCormack said...

You take drugs, Danny?

Every day.

Good. Then what's your problem?

I don't know. said...