Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Are You Preparing?

The great Hunter S Thompson aptly titled his suicide note "Football Season is Over." As the best weekend NFL of the year nears, it's important to prepare yourself for the ensuring aftermath. As a committed Steelers/WVU/Penn State fan, your good friend Assassin Avenue has already started down this very path and has some helpful suggestions.
  • try to get a date (maybe, just maybe...)
  • update your Netflix account (depressing)
  • consider becoming a hiker (sounds like a good idea, but will it happen?)
Perhaps the biggest change I suggest is to curtail your drinking. Hangovers are bearable when spent in front of football all afternoon long. But, when all you're left with is checking out the chicks on Lifetime movies sometimes those shots you took after midnight seem like an even worse idea than normal. After football season is over, that is....

Until then, enjoy the games and don't think too hard on your impending doom.

-posted by Assassin Avenue

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