Sunday, January 6, 2008

Brady "Hansel" Quinn

Why would a company sign Brady Quinn to do an endorsement?

Usually a company will get suckered early into paying an unproven draft pick for a quick advertisement like a NFL owner, but EAS has had all season to see that Brady Quinn doesn't play on Sundays.

However, after I began doing extensive research on this groundbreaking post, it has become apparent that the EAS endorsement may make sense. Brady Quinn's fame does not rest in his throwing arm, he has transitioned his nascient career into America's next top shirtless model.
Every picture of Quinn looks like he is showing the ladies where the beach is. He may be a deacon at the church of McConaughey his shirt is off so much. If he is forced to wear a shirt, he shops in the junior section with the fabric screaming for mercy like the pants of Kim Kardashian.
This year has been rife with poorly conceived commercials that the public has had to swallow in order to watch the NFL. Chad Johnson and GoDaddy? I'm sure Ocho is gobbling up web addresses. Beyonce and DirectTV? Really? You really need the money Beyonce? Does DirectTV think I'm going to subscribe because Beyonce wants to upgrade me?

I wanted to pan Quinn and EAS for having a ridiculous commercial, but I need to give props to Quinn's peeps for hooking him up with the gig knowing he is shooting for male model of the year not Braylon Edwards down the field.

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