Saturday, January 19, 2008

Kwame Brown '08

Two days ago after Kwame Brown's 7-turnover performance against the Suns, the LA Times wrote: "The boos that rained down on Kwame Brown were the first in recent memory to be directed at a Lakers player at a home game, an event that seemed to stun, if not anger, practically everybody connected to the organization."

The fans behavior particularly irked, among others Kobe, Phecal Phil Jackson and even youngster Jordan Farmar.

This week I spent some time in the nation's capital, visiting with the Dunbars and Rusty. Maybe Kwame should do the same. While he will forever be remembered as MJ's first of many managerial flubs, if you travel up the Northwest corridor of the city toward Silver Spring, MD, nearly every house seems to support the former Wiz:

Photograph by Darrow Montgomery

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