Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Misleading Headlines?

Normally we read headlines too quickly around here, which leads to confusion.

We've been laughing at this story all morning because every news outlet made some mention of 'hands' and 'brushing nuggets'. (Fine, we are juvenile. Noted) We've been thinking of a way to make it perverted (Ok, I was) until MSNBC decided this headline was a keeper. We took our time on this one and it still shouldn't have made it past the editors at MSNBC Sports.

Short-handed Lakers brush aside Nuggets

A short handed man touching himself. Kobe Bryant having his way sexually with a Chicken McNugget. These are the thoughts that crossed my mind.

But then this pic was found. These guys are so cute I couldn't bring myself to violate them like that.

They are damn adorable. Except that blonde in the back. Look at that lipstick.

Bet she likes being double-dipped. Two different sauces.


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