Thursday, January 31, 2008

Randy Moss Punching Bag: HHR Says Sooth

Three days ago, in the wake of Randy Moss' restraining order, we suggested:
Can anyone get Randy Moss' personal punching bag Rachelle Washington on the Giant sideline this Super Bowl?

Surely, I wouldn't put something like that past Belichick had the boot been on the other foot, but does the Giants' brass have enough stones and/or creativity to think of something like that?
The short blurb even elicited quite a bit of commentary on Yardbarker.

Well, maybe I underestimated the Giants' collective brainpower. indicates that someone in the Giants org might have done just what I suggested. Maybe Giant players are HHR readers? Um. Yeah. That's the ticket.

Here's what a self-identified Giant girlfriend told MTO:
I am [NY Giants player's] girlfriend and I had to tell you about a rumor going around with the players. [Giants player] told me that a big Giants fan bought Superbowl tickets for that woman that Randy Moss beat up and he's paying for all her expenses.

They're saying that if the woman in sitting at the game, Randy Moss won't be able to play because of the restraining order.

Slick right. But good for them. The Patriots are a bunch of cheaters so it serves them right.
In the words of the legendary Pat Cooper, "I am a genius of myself."

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JC said...

I'm sure Arizona SWAT has something to say about that.