Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Tough Times for Biggest Loser

I have to say, this whole "couples" thing is good. NBC kudos to you. I'm diggin' this season (and secretly, I think Ren is, too).

So at the end of last week's episode you find out that the loser's are going to have to choose one team to sort of "play" against. Alison asks them that if they had to pick a team to leave, who would it be.

The majority chose Yellow.

Last night, it was basically all the other teams against the Yellow. At weigh-in, the total average percentage weight loss for the other 6 teams would have to be beaten by the Yellow team, or else they'd go home automatically. If the Yellow team beat the average, well then they single-handedly would get to send one of the other teams home.

This season has been more emotional for the contestants probably because they are going through the experience with a loved one, and for better or worse an enabler that helped them plump up in the first place. There has been much less game playing (until this show) but much more emotional baggage for these peeps to deal with.

Because some of the teams were confident that they'd be in that soft spot of Kelly and Paul's heart, they could be a bit more aggressive at weigh in.

Chris Griffin and Mom (Orange team) decided to test their fate by purposly losing only a few pounds each. This effectively lowered the combined average weight loss for the others and helped the Yellow team win.

These people are starting to wise up. You need to play the game to win. And if you get eliminated in the process you should have enough determination to continue your weight loss on your own at home.

Yellow team wins the weigh in, and sends the pink team home mostly because they were one of the teams that put them in that position in the first place.

NBC has been good at throwing in the twists, and next week will begin an even bigger challenge for the losers. Instead of team eliminations, a team will lose the player that they've relied on most. Not only is this hard to go through on your own, but now you're taking away built in support systems. I'm telling you.... might seem cruel, but it makes for damn good TV.

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