Sunday, January 13, 2008

Troy Aikman has a little idiot in him

T.O. has a little showman in him
- Troy Aikman

When discussing T.O. hamming it up for cameras during practice this week, by limping and cringing while the cameras rolled and then running full speed after they left, Aikman added that observation. He noticed just this week that Terrell Owens is a showman? I knew Aikman usually places his head up players asses the week before games, normally a Cowboy, but if he is just figuring out now that T.O. is a showman and that his ankle has been fine and he is just making himself look like a savior again in front of the media, teammates and fans then he obviously wasn't paying attention for Owens' tenure in Philly and his Super Bowl miracle. Or maybe he just doesn't remember.

By the way, Troy looks to natural in that picture. Like he is used to having a big stick of meat in his hands.

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