Friday, January 25, 2008


This morning was a good evening in Australia. As I brought to you just last week, there is a part playboy/part comic/all-star tennis athlete causing quite a stir down under at this year's Aussie Open.

And as I said just last week about Serbian player Novak Djokovic, "his tennis game isn't half bad either!"

How true those words would be as underdog Djokovic would decimate Mr. Tennis, Roger Federer, in straight sets to reach his second major final. Federer, who has reached 10 straight Grand Slam Finals (there are only 4 a season for those not tennis-savvy), was professional as always, even if the crowd was disappointed.

I can only imagine that Federer must have believed this was all a bad dream!

(Hat-tip to my fave HHR colleague, Rev. Shaw Moore, for the early morning wake-up to this news...but Mrs. Rev must be pissed you were up reading sports that early in the morning!)

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