Monday, February 25, 2008

Behind the Times

His pesky little entanglement with federal prosecutors aside, disgraced slugger Barry Bonds apparently had at least one interested suitor this offseason.

Mindnumbing as it is, apparently Cardinals' manager Tony LaRussa was urging the St. Louis front office to acquire the disgraced slugger to provide some protection to Albert Pujols in the lineup. You can read about this fiasco that fortunately wasn't here.

"Those front office geeks don't know sh*t about baseball."

LaRussa has caught a lot of flack in St. Louis for his supposed preference for "veteran leadership" as opposed to letting his younger guys log time in the field. What veteran leadership Tony hoped to get from Bonds ("How to Destroy Your Team From the Inside Out" - with special guest speaker, Barry Bonds!) I will never know. I'm just hoping Tony was still drunk when he thought this up.

But more to the point, Bonds is acknowledged as a massive steroid cheat by everyone who has at least half a brain. Plus, he's under federal indictment for lying to a grand jury about his steroid use. That bears repeating about a thousand times.

Now this will get washed under the bridge by the Cardinals media department as just a brainstorming session gone bad. But here's something to keep in mind: the Cardinals have already invited 38 year old and Mitchell Report alum Juan Gonzales to camp - and by some accounts, it's not out of the question that he might make the team.

So in a nightmare scenario, the Cards' would have Bonds in left field and Gonzales in right. Might as well ring up Mark McGwire and see if he's interested in playing 1st base again.

Note to Tony: This is not 1990's Oakland. Steroids are kind of frowned upon nowadays.

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