Monday, February 25, 2008

Gopher Garbage


That's what NASCAR had in store for us this week . . . absolute Garbage. Usually, I abhor having to delay a race until Monday, but that's exactly what they should have done yesterday afternoon. Instead, in all of their infinite wisdom, they sent the boys out on a wet and "weeping" track. Several good drivers with good race cars got caught up in accidents due to nothing else but NASCAR's rush to get a race run on the weekend. As you can imagine, my boy was one of those unlucky few.

Furthermore, the "gopher cam" that was unveiled in Daytona was amazing. It captured some of the most amazing footage of the race. But the incessant need to name the stupid thing now makes me wish it was never invented. I think the FOX broadcasters must have asked everybody but the corn dog vendor their opinion on the critter's name. Who cares?!?! Gracious!! It WAS cool, until y'all made us hate it with your epic blabbering.

Oh well, at least my fantasy team did pretty well. Don't forget to check back on Thursday for the Vegas line-up

Y'all come back now, hear?

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