Wednesday, February 6, 2008

J.B. Fitzgerald signs a letter of intent to 'never read Hugging Harold Reynolds'

Signing Day is over and honestly I didn't pay any attention to it until I started writing this post.

Browsing the ESPN 150 of the best 150 high school prospects I found only two Jersey boys on the list. The first is #3 prospect Will Hill from West Orange, NJ which is no where near Ren and my hometown. The other NJ native is J.B. Fitzgerald, a 6'4 225 lbs linebacker from West Windsor, NJ and West Windsor Plainsboro High School which is minutes away and home to a softball league we played in. That's close enough to home for us.

J.B. Fitzgerald you are now the official college athlete of Hugging Harold Reynolds. You will now be referred to only as 'Fitzy'. Now slack off the rest of your senior year, get up to Michigan, win a spot, hump some college broads (send pics), get suspended at least once for on-campus chicanery, and bring us a Butkus award. You already have one strike against you for going to Michigan but four years is a long time to make up for that choice.

And don't forget about us when you make it the NFL Mr. Big Shot. We get the first interview and are on the top of every VIP guest list. (Two L's in Willard)

Don't let us down Fitzy.

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