Thursday, February 21, 2008

Lucky Bastard: Leitch Hugged Harold Reynolds

Not knowing what to expect, Fat Willard and I made the short trip across the Delaware River to hit up the God Save the Fan book tour at UPenn last night. (If you clicked that link, know that I scored a 96% & 99% slapping the bass on Wonderwall & Wanted Dead or Alive, respectively as leader of the band "Savage Animal").

Our first foray offline, we had a fun time with the likes of Bugs & Cranks' Meech, The 700 Level's Matt P, Ladies...' Clare, Philebrity's Fitch and phillyBurb's Illuminati, not to mention Leitch and "The Balls." Surprisingly, decent people all around (not that we had any reason to think otherwise).

There were even two dudes we drank with who actually heard of our site. Shocked the hell out of us.

Tell him Steve-Dave.

4 comments: said...

That dude from Bugs&Cranks is a fucking asshole.

DCScrap said...

I hear that guy from the Third I is a tool too.

Fat Willard said...

I heard the Third I dude is hung like Luol's Dong. Not that I would know. Scrap told me. Gave his old lady the Scooby Doo in her Shaggy.

DCScrap said...