Thursday, February 21, 2008

Everybody Cut Loose

Some of you may have noticed a common theme amongst our nom de plumes.

Shockingly, not all of our team has actually seen the movie masterpiece we are paying "homage" to. Then again, maybe they're the lucky ones.

Our pony aficionado CR Dunbar shared this with the team this afternoon:

"Btw, I forced myself to watch Footloose the other day. I think it was on Nick at Night. I made it half way through. I can't believe that it was hugely popular. He broke into a gymnastics dance routine in some abandoned grain facility. He was on the gymnastics team in rural Indiana. I'm beside myself."

From Rev. Shaw: "I switched it off after watching the white-knuckle scene where they were playing chicken on tractors."

Personally, Ariel and myself couldn't stop laughing when Lori Singer busts out, "Ren McCormack made a lot of people stop and think!"

Amen, sister. I'll dance to that.

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