Monday, February 11, 2008

MSM has an uncomfortable infatuation with Clemens' ass.

I think the Rocket's backside gets more media attention then it should.

The latest to get on Clemens' ass is Jason Whitlock. He feels Clemens is lying about his steriod use not for himself but for his legion of fans/butt-kissers. Roger doesn't care about ruining the name of Roger Clemens, he cares more about ruining the legend of 'The Rocket.' A solid, and possibly valid, point.

Whitlock could have ended his argument there...but he took it one step further. He compared Clemens to a crackhead..named Pookie.

It took video evidence to get former Washington, D.C., mayor Marion Barry to admit he hit the pipe and 14,000 text messages for Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick to acknowledge he hit his fine-ass chief of staff. And you think Roger "Pookie" Clemens is going to crack because Brian McNamee has a couple of pictures, a few dirty syringes and blood-stained gauze? Hell, Monica Lewinsky had the president's happy ending splattered on her favorite Sunday dress and Clinton never copped.

It's for articles like this that I both admire Jason Whitlock for his honesty and candor and think he is batshit crazy. Other snippets from Whitlock's piece include the terms 'crackhead, happy ending, rear-ending Roger and his wife, and puncturing Debbie Clemens' firm booty.'

Crackhead? Happy Ending? Isn't FOX Sports a family website? I expect talk like this from the Trentonian but not from a member of the FOX family.

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