Friday, February 8, 2008

Still Undefeated??

Could it possibly be true that our beloved team is still undefeated? That this last week was all just a bad dream! No No, I'm not talking about the Patriots (sadly)...they crashed in burned in front of the second highest tv-watching crowd ever. I'm talking about the Trinity College Bantams squash team, who has gone an unprecedented 10 years without a single loss. I credit their continued success to the selfless coaching staff:

"Assaiante, who is also the Trinity men's tennis coach, is a nonstop talker who begins a dozen phone conversations a day with, "How are you, my friend?" He's a compulsive person who preaches balance even though he has none in his own life. He talks openly with his players about how his obsession with coaching contributed to the demise of two marriages and other relationships."

"With three more victories last weekend, the Trinity winning streak was up to 179. (UCLA basketball, under Wooden, once won 88 games in a row.) If the Bantams defeat Harvard on Wednesday night, they will have their 10th straight undefeated regular season. All that will remain is the national championships, from Feb. 15 to 17 in Cambridge, Mass."

The HHR community wishes the team all the success that aluded our beloved Patriots.

(Hat tip to HHR reader and Trinity College alum MAB for bringing this to his co-worker Woody's attention)

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Sean said...

that's nothing. Here on Long Island, the Miller Place HS badmitton team held an undefeated streak from 1973-2005. Yes, 32 years. 504-0.

Who doesn't love the shuttlecock?