Friday, February 8, 2008

Commercial CRitic: Nike & Reebok Love Losing

Talk about kicking a man when he is down.

Nike and Reebok both made commercials celebrating the Patriots' loss in the Super Bowl. Both were insistent on poking the entire New England region in the eye with the word "perfect."

The overarching theme of the commercials are snide. It is one thing to congratulate a team for a great Super Bowl win, it is completely another to hark on the other side of the ledger celebrating a loss. Do Nike and Reebok now celebrate failures?

Sure, both spots make mention of the Giants, but they are overwhelmingly pro-loss than pro-win.

Another problem is that Nike's spot doesn't make sense. Is there an English major in the ad

Perfect terrible beginning. (To this commercial)
Perfect injured Plaxico.
Perfect second loss.
Perfect broken Shockey.
??? I understand the chronological theme, but can't they make phrases that are literate. I don't even know what they are grasping for or how I am supposed to read it in my head. Is it...Perfect, Shockey's injured again.

Reebok!?! What are you doing giving Mercury Morris airtime. Isn't it enough that we had to suffer through him the entire postseason. I can't believe you were suckered into paying him.

If I were a New England fan, I would be looking at Adidas for my athletic wear.

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