Saturday, February 2, 2008

Strahan Looking for Work

Have you ever seen an athlete interview for a broadcaster position as hard as Michael Strahan?

Strahan has been whoring himself out to every cameraman for at least three years trying to endear executive producers and the public.

Every year the Giants have a bye week you see Strahan yucking it up with the FOX boys in their makeshift family room or grab-assing on their faux field. This year he couldn't wait for the bye week and made a riveting video diary of his trip to London.

Whenever he has a day off you can find him on the Best Damn Sport Show trying to somehow patent the gap in his teeth.

The fact that he is going to the Super Bowl this year has only exacerbated the problem. I've watched my good share of SportsCenter this week, and he has constantly been in the media room spouting rehearsed comments to anyone who will listen. Grabbing the mike like an auctioneer selling a steer.

Win or lose this Sunday, I wouldn't be surprised if he paid someone to setup a podium on the field so that he can do a quick pre-press conference.

Focus on pass rushing Strahan, the Sunday Morning Broadcaster job interview can wait.

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