Thursday, March 20, 2008

AI's Return Not All Warm & Fuzzy

Despite the thunderous ovation for the return of Allen Iverson to the City of Brotherly Love, not all fans were happy to see the All-Star guard back at the Wachovia Center. Or at least the weren't happy to see his mother.

According to ESPN's Chris Sheridan, some fans took to heckling Mrs. AI, which lead to an altercation followed by a "very large, very angry man" being ejected:

It was a night when Iverson played for the present but opened up about the past, expressing his regret and embarrassment over some of the episodes that discolored his 10-plus years in Philadelphia. And the night included a little extracurricular Iverson-related excitement, too, as a scuffle broke out involving Iverson's friends who were sitting along the second row of the baseline seats near the Denver bench.

The altercation appeared to begin when someone pushed or jostled Iverson's mother as the game was in its final minute and the entire sellout crowd was on its feet. Iverson's friends refused security guards' orders to leave the arena after the fight, which resulted in one very large, very angry man being escorted away with a very large tear in his shirt. But it was all over in time for Iverson's friends to see him get a chance to tie the game or win it.

Lesson learned. You want to get rid of AI's posse, you heckle AI's mommy.

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Photo: Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE via Getty Images via 700 Level

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