Wednesday, March 12, 2008

It's Still Real to Brett Favre

A lot of folks have been up in arms about right wing nutjob Laura Ingram's comments about Brett Favre's tearful retirement press conference. Why would you even care what she said? Especially bloggers who spend hours a day making fun of athletes for doing the exact same thing? Have the bloggers who perpetually attack Peter King and John Madden's infatuation with #4 caught the King/Madden love bug? We are the first ones to poke fun at TO's "That's my quarterback" performance. And Dick Vermeil crying jokes never get old - and he's a 90-year- old man.

And come on, look at this video below from Brett's presser. Can you disagree with Ingram?

Oh wait. That's not Brett? My bad. Honest mistake. Looked just like him the other day.

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