Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Lawmakers, Wary of Mets in FL, Crack Down on Cockfighting in SC

Myrtle Beach Online is reporting that "People who organize or participate in cockfights could be charged with a felony, but onlookers would still face a misdemeanor under a bill sent Tuesday to the Senate floor."

Sen. John Hawkins argued for increased penalties for cockfighting, citing that "people who fight the birds now consider the misdemeanor, which carries no minimum fine, the cost of doing business."

Hawkins was also pushing for making watching a cockfight and possessing the birds felonies. Cooler heads in the Senate prevailed saying it made no sense "when it's only a misdemeanor to beat your wife or drive drunk."

Hawkins argued keeping participation a misdemeanor would make South Carolina a haven for people from other states who want to fight the birds.

(Like say...Florida by way of Port St. Lucie?)

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