Friday, March 14, 2008

Oh Ren, You Devil

I am an unapologetic Phillies phan. I don't root for anyone else. But I enjoy baseball and needling my friends.

With Fat Willard a Yankee fan and the chief being a card carrying member of Red Sox Nation (whatever that is), I want a piece of AL East action, just for the hell of it, and because I'd like to see someone knock them (both Willard/chief and Yankees/Sox) off their high horses.

I can't root for the Blue Jays due to 1993, nor can I root for the Orioles because of 1983.

So that leaves me with one team...
This works for me. First, they've proven they can put the Yankees in their place. Second, they aren't half bad.

Plus, I lived for a short time between Tampa and St. Pete's. And I am in the 10th year of a MLB keeper league, anchored by two contracted carry-overs from last season - Chase Utley and one Mr. Carl Crawford.

So I hope my new friends at Rays Index will welcome me with open arms.

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