Tuesday, March 4, 2008

A talented scout or dirty Sox?

Richard, were you watching Spank-travision? Maybe you were watching a movie with that funny comedian, oh what's his name? Buddy Whackett?

According to AOL Fanhouse, former big leaguer and current Red Sox scout Jesse Levi was arrested in Florida after allegedly standing naked in front of his hotel window and masturbating in view of two women and two underage girls.

Two older women, ages 20 and 29, also saw Levis, thinking at first he was just "checking them out," the report said. Levis had been at the window about 40 minutes, the witnesses told police.

Woah, 4o minutes?? You old hound dog you. That's impressive. And no relube? Treating the hand like an old baseball glove? A little 'SPIT-TOO.'

I have to defend the guy. He is a talent scout. His job is to find young kids and tell whether they have big league talent. You can't just turn a gift like that on and off. He could miss the next Alex Rodriguez or Jessica Alba.

The most interesting note in this whole ugly mess comes from police spokesman Rob Vega. Levi tried to explain to police he just stepped out of the shower and started rearranging his clothes and the window shades were open.

"We have four witnesses who say he was standing there 40 minutes. Rearranging your clothes and masturbating are definitely two different things."

Wait, rearranging your clothes and masturbating are two different things?

Then why do they both involve socks?

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