Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Wedding Bells for "Scumbag" Victorino; Groupies Torn

Yesterday Dan Gross reported:
Shane Victorino broke news of his engagement, cryptically, with a joking request for 102.9 WMGK's John DeBella, an ordained minister, to officiate his wedding next year. The Flyin' Hawaiian said he was getting married "maybe in the end of '09," during an interview on DeBella's morning show the other day.

Victorino and Melissa Smith will wed in November 2009 in Hawaii, Phillies fun and games director John Brazer confirmed yesterday. The couple, who live together in Las Vegas in the off-season, had a daughter Kali'a Makenna Victorino in March of last year.
I know you're thinking, "Who shives a git?" Well, we do. Why you ask? Well, one of our top search engine referrals is for some form of the phrase "Shane Victorino Groupies."

Word to the wise ladies, double bag it with the two-timer, at least according to this message board.

Here is what some of its commenters are saying:
  • he is a scumbag! i used to know him when he played for the Scranton Red Barons....
  • He did hook uo with girls when she was pregnant. He was hooking up with a bartender from McFaddens named Amy. His girl found out, and it hit the fan.
  • Biggest scumbag on the face of the earth.
  • Thats ashame. I hooked up with him while his girlfriend was pregnant. Guess Im not a fan of his anymore. His girlfriend should make sure he stops being a typical man
  • i plan on f*cking him at spring training this year - so fiance and rat kid or not he is so sexy and i want his baby too! - heather
If you are wondering what players are (or aren't) available (and what people are saying about it), check out the MLB Player Girlfriend Forum.


Randy Charles Morin said...

OMG, so funny! Your best post.

Ren McCormack said...

We simply report what groupies are saying. The comedic gold is all theirs!

Whocares said...

yeah he is from maui but i think 95% of the island don't like him because of his hillbilly attitude. he is rude, selfish, self-center and most off have no brain. i feel sorry for your kid brah.