Monday, April 14, 2008

First they gave us One for the Thumb, now they give us Hope

Dan Rooney isn't the only Steeler making a presidential endorsement today. Libertarian Pittsburgh hipster Assassin Ave brings us news of the latest athletes jumping on the Obama hope train:

Franco Harris and Jerome Bettis. We never got to see them in the backfield in the same game. But one man can unite such a duo: the Hopemonger himself Barak Obama. Harris and Bettis joined Steeler owner Dan Rooney and, recently, the Hopemonger. Other famous Pittsburghers are also making the move.

I can Hope those bastards from Philly don't ruin it for us. You can't win a Super Bowl, but you sure can help win back our nation.

Not sure what we are winning back our nation from, what exactly the Senator plans to do, and what exactly "hope" translates to other than higher taxes and a foreign policy of appeasement, but it all equates to a cute sound bite. And AA loves cute.

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