Monday, April 14, 2008

Golf, Golf, Golf

I mentioned in an earlier post that I recently finished reading Motley Crue's The Dirt. Amidst the raunchy tales of shameless groupies, unadulterated sex, ODs and DUIs, police run-ins and spousal abuse, was a seemingly out-of-place chapter written by front-man Vince Neil chronicling the illness, surgeries and subsequent death of his four-year-old daughter Skylar.

In honor of his daughter, Neil set up the Skylar Neil Foundation "to honor Skylar by raising money and awareness through unique charitable events and activities it sponsors, and, grant and award the money raised to medical, research, and educational institutions/groups/individuals who are doing breakthrough work to find cures for cancer, AIDS, and other diseases."

I love the Crue's music, but I wouldn't give one dime to bail any of their asses out of prison. Skylar's story, however, was heartbreaking to read, and as much as anything in his life, Neil's devotion to his daughter, and later helping others while preserving her memory, is touching and commendable.

It's been no secret to any fan that Neil is an avid golfer. On May 2, 2008, the Foundation will host the 12th Annual Skylar Neil Memorial Golf Tournament at the Pete Dye & Fred Couples-designed Lost Canyons Golf Club in Simi Valley, CA.

For 500 bucks a golfer, if you can afford the fee and are in the area, why not give to the cause and get a round in on a gorgeous course?

You can sign up here

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