Thursday, April 10, 2008

Rusty Reckons: Phoenix

As early spring gives way to the warm showers of April, NASCAR heads back to the desert for one of the most unique tracks on the circuit.

Phoenix International Raceway is an oddly shaped 1.5 mile D'ish oval. Every single turn is different, and combined with the dog legged backstretch and nearly flat corners this track is like no other. The flat corners make it somewhat similar to a short track like last week's Martinsville, but the bigger size also gives it characteristics similar to New Hampshire.

To top it all off, this weekend's race is the first of the season under the lights. NASCAR Sprint Cup racing is amazing, but you ain't seen nuttin till you've watched'em strap in for a race at night. The cars are brighter as they glean against the speedway lights. They even seem to go faster.

The uniqueness of Phoenix (and the tardiness of this post) makes this a tough week to pick my fantasy lineup. So, I think I'm going to take a real stab in the dark here.

A List
- Jeff Burton (31)
B List
- Martin Truex Jr (1)
C List
- Brian Vickers (83)

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